The Cobra Skin

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Neon Apatite is a lesser-known gemstone with little or no repute, myth or legend connected to it. however, considering apatite is simply a part of our composition and is produced and used by the human body, it’s far believed to have a few extremely powerful healing abilities. Many gemstone enthusiasts are curious about the lore and powers of gemstones, specific people with relation to the human frame.

Neon Apatite happens in a huge range of colors, main to the stone’s popularity for the confusion. Malgache Neon apatite favors an excessive neon blue-inexperienced to blue color. the extreme saturation of color creates a striking stone, crackling with electric powered electricity. while selecting neon apatite, the stone’s color is most critical. Neon Apatite – Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comApatite favors a deep saturation of the color, creating very vivid stones. Malgache neon apatite is extraordinarily renowned for its shiny blue Coloring, a color often underrepresented in blue gemstone earrings.

A neon apatite is a collection of phosphate minerals that incorporates hydroxyl-apatite, fluor-apatite and color apatite. Apatite is the maximum commonplace form of phosphate within the world and it is the primary supply for phosphorus, a chemical critical to bioenergetics and photosynthesis. Apatite consists of calcium phosphate, which is the identical fabric that makes up teeth and bones. Apatite may be diagnosed via several checking out methods. Fluorescence is one way to distinguish apatite specimens. Apatite is a great deal tougher than calcite, and because it is softer than tourmaline, valuable beryl and quartz, a simple scratch check can normally perceive and distinguish apatite. Amblygonite, andalusite, brazilianite, sphene, and topaz can be easily burdened with apatite too.


The Discovery of Neon Apatite

In the 1980s an important new discovery of this gem was made on the island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. This bright, well saturated electric blue to blue-green colored stone became known as neon apatite. The color is natural, and no treatments or alterations are required to achieve it. The color is close to that seen in the best Paraiba tourmaline, and is very attractive, but of course at a price which is only a tiny fraction of that of Paraiba Tourmaline. So if you are interested in that bright color, but cant afford the $20,000 per carat for Paraiba, then Neon Apatite is a reasonable and fully natural alternative. These electric colored stones have become by far the best known variety of this gem. While smaller stones in the one to 2 carat range are not unusual, neon apatite gemstones larger than about 10 carats are rare. The Madagascar deposits were heavily mined for a period of about 10 years and produced quite a bit of gem material. However, most of the production has now ceased and the deposit is generally considered mined out. During the time of production, prices were comparatively low. Prices for gem quality neon apatite are slowly beginning to increase because of the popularity of this gem and the lack of new supply.


Neon Apatite Value And Quality use –

Neon Apatite – Every GEM has its Story. The question has grown to be a curiosity through many people. The apatite stone has more than one benefit and beneficial outcomes. Develops comprehension and getting to know the capabilities of people. in addition; It permits human beings to have more creative spirit via growing greater concepts. The apatite stone improves the courage and self-assurance of human beings. This gemstone is both physical and mental, beneficial is extremely high. It additionally has a chief function in strengthening the muscles of human beings. It allows humans with high blood pressure to lower their blood strain to normal tiers by means of improving their blood stress.

Neon Apatite enhances its capability to learn and grasp and gives creativity by growing inspirational sources. Many gem therapists view apatite as a stone that’s useful in connecting our past and future. In those circles, it’s believed apatite clarifies confusing situations, paving the manner for enlightenment and self-expression. mainly, blue apatite is valued for its stimulation of the thoughts, improving intellectual pastimes. Others propose that apatite is beneficial for strengthening bones and repairing damage to cartilage and joints. They purport that apatite gems aid the frame inside the absorption of calcium.


I Am A Healer!

Neon Apatite is thought to be a stone of getting to know and thought. it’s far a fireplace element stone this is the concept to be beneficial for overcoming worry and turning thought into bodily manifestations. it is related to the solar plexus chakra. Apatite is commonly used for its metaphysical capability to encourage extroversion. it can draw out terrible electricity and stimulate creativity. physically, apatite is stated to heal bones, cartilage, tooth and raise calcium absorption. it is also believed to relieve pain caused by arthritis and different joint-related health issues.

Also an effective Throat Chakra stone, Apatite complements communique and self-expression on all levels, making this a top-notch stone for teachers. Apatite encourages openness and ease in social conditions, a first-class that makes it specifically useful for autistic youngsters. Apatite is a good stone for Gemini and acts as an awesome balancer of energies, emotions, chakras, and diffused our bodies, in addition to the male and woman elements of the self.



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Colour : Gold

Material : Brass

Care : Spot-Cleaning only. Store in a separate box. Keep away from chemicals.

Shape: Quadrilateral

Gem:  Neon Apatite

Gem Colour: Blue







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