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What is green kyanite good for?Green Kyanite activates your entire chakra column, however it resonates deeply with one’s heart. As restorative energy is channeling from Mother Earth and imbuing your aura, one becomes more aware of their emotional needs. This can also help you develop the strength to let negativity move away from you

Does kyanite come in green?
Normally regarded as a blue gem, Kyanite also comes in brown, gray, green, orange, and white.
Is Kyanite a gemstone?
Kyanite is a beautiful, luxurious, and rare gemstone found primarily in metamorphic rocks. Kyanite gemstone is formed when sedimentary rocks undergo a metamorphosis mm resulting in high pressure changes to the clay minerals there in.
How do I charge kyanite?
To charge your Kyanite stone you can place it in a bowl made from something natural – wood or stone and cover with a little water to let it sit. Kyanite loves to connect to natural elements and this can help it to recharge its soul.

What is rose quartz?
The use of rose quartz is said to date back as far as 7,000 B.C. It’s also been claimed that Egyptian and Roman women used rose quartz face masks to clear their complexions and prevent wrinkles.

Today rose quartz is often used as jewelry, for meditation, or as decoration in homes or office spaces.

The rose quartz is a pale pink stone that’s part of the quartz crystal family.

Deeper pink varieties of the stone are sometimes called strawberry rose quartz. Lavender rose quartz varieties are pale purple.

Rose quartz is a mineral composed primarily of silicon dioxide molecules that typically form at about 752°F to 1,292°F (400°C to 700°C). The crystal can be found across the United States, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Germany.

Healing properties
While there’s no scientific evidence that rose quartz crystals offer any health benefits, they’re still commonly used for healing purposes.

Rose quartz is perhaps best known for being the stone of unconditional love. It’s believed by some to emit a strong vibration of:

emotional healing

“Rose quartz is a powerful healing crystal,” says crystal healer and reiki master Keith Birch, owner of KSC Crystals. “Its soft, gentle, almost pastel pale pink coloring is a good indication of its most commonly known property: that of pure love. It’s a stone of both giving and receiving love.”

As Birch says, rose quartz is believed by many to encourage the qualities of love.

However, it’s important to note that there’s a lack of research to support these claims about crystals. In fact, there’s very little evidence to support the benefits of crystals at all.

Rose quartz jewelry
One simple way to incorporate rose quartz into your life is by wearing it. Rose quartz earrings or a ring keep your crystals close by.

According to Birch, wearing rose quartz on a necklace keeps the stone close to your heart, making it particularly potent.

“As a necklace, rose quartz is especially powerful because it’s worn close to the heart and heart chakra. This enables the heart center to open and release any tensions or stresses held there,” Birch claims.

For skin
It’s believed by some that rose quartz may be beneficial for the skin.

“For the skin, rose quartz can be used as an elixir made up by steeping the crystal in water overnight, in moonlight if at all possible, to charge the energies for maximum benefit,” Birch claims. “This can then be used as a face wash for sensitive skin or to reduce the signs of wrinkles and obtain a clearer, more youthful complexion.”

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Colour : Gold

Material : Brass

Care : Spot-Cleaning only. Store in a separate box. Keep away from chemicals.

Shape: None

Gem: Green Kyanite & Rose Quarz

Color: Green & pink











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